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View details of British Cycling events at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events

22nd, 29th March & 5th April 2014 - Dolan Series Southport

CDNW Youth Series - 2014

For full details Visit http://www.cdnw.org/youth_league.html

15.03.14 - Preston
12.04.14 - Salt Ayre
10.05.14 - Marsh Tracks
28.06.14 - Litherland
02.08.14 - Tameside
16.08.14 - Blackpool

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Salt Ayre Youth League - Starting Wednesday 23rd April 2014

The 2014 Wednesday Night Youth League will run from 23rd April until 16th July incl.

Cog Set members and members of other your clubs are invited to take part in this Wednesday Night Youth League.

For pre-registration (Your details will be entered on a registration form) please send the following information to sueholden@talktalk.net:
•Club or team
•Date of birth
•BC licence number
•Email to use for communications re the series
•Phone number to use in case of injury at the race

Please turn up in time to sign on and have your gears checked! Riders must have the correct gear restrictions for their age category -see http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/bc_files/volunteer/Youth_Gear_Restrictions_for_Riders.Parents.pdf for more information.
Races and approx timings are as follows: 6:10pm - Signing-on opens

Race length and primes
6:30 - Ds & Es (U10s & U8s) 4 laps (3.2 miles/5.1 kms) – no primes
6:45 - Cs (U12s) 8 laps, with primes points at end of lap 4 (6.4 miles/10.3 kms)
7:10 - As & Bs (U16s & U14s) 16 laps, with primes points at end of lap 8 (12.8 miles/20.6kms)
British cycling ranking points (riders need a BC licence):
1st place gets 3 points
2nd place gets 2 points
3rd place gets 1 points

Cog Set league scoring: cumulative, total of best 8 scores out of 12 events, must ride at least 6 events to get a 1st/2nd/3rd prize

1st place gets 4 points
2nd place gets 3 points
3rd place gets 2 points
All starters who don't abandon get 1 point
Prime points: cumulative, total of best 8 scores out of 12 events
1st over the line in each age (not age & gender) category gets 3 points
2nd over the line in each age (not age & gender) category gets 2 points
3rd over the line in each age (not age & gender) category gets 1 point


24th/25th/26th May 2014 - CDNW International 3 day Youth Tour

During the bank holiday weekend CDNW have a 3 day International youth tour

Day 1 - Preston Sports Arena, PR2 1SG
Day 2 - Blackpool
Day 3 - Ashton under LynePreston Sports Arena, PR2 1SG. 5 races across 3 days,
Full race details can be found :
No postal entries or no entry on the day.
To enter, follow the link at http://www.cdnw.org/nw_youth_tour.html


Salt Ayre Youth League - Starting Wednesday 17th April 2013

The new 2013 Wednesday Night Youth League will run from 17th April until 17th July incl.

 http://www.theedgecycleworks.com/ PRIZES GENEROUSLY PROVIDED BY OUR SPONSORS
Cog Set members are invited to take part in this new Wednesday Night Youth League.

Events 1 to 13 will take place 17 April—10 July, Event 14 (17 July) will be a one off race and league presentation evening. Total of 9 best scores out of 13 events. Must ride at least 6 events to get 1st/2nd or 3rd prize. British Cycling Race Licence required (Day licence can be purchased at £1.50).
To obtain a BC Membership/Racing licence follow this link http://new.britishcycling.org.uk/membership/article/mem-Racing-Licence-Prices-0
Please download our Wednesday Night Youth League Poster for full details

You will need to have your Gears Restricted for your age category. For advice please speak to one of the coaches or see gear restrictions

We cant run these events without a few willing volunteers! Click here http://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/1153771912097 to see what roles need filling and to volunteer your help'

Please note these races have replaced the previous Tuesday league
2012 Tuesday Night Results can be found : http://www.saltayrecycling.com/youth-league-weekly-results/
SACA Wk 9 - Tuesday Night Racing Photos
A&B : http://www.flickr.com/photos/44689647@N07/sets/72157629998673973
C, D & E http://www.flickr.com/photos/44689647@N07/sets/72157629998850781/

Sunday 30 June - British School Cycling Association - National Circuit Champs

The British Schools Cycling Association National Circuit Race Championships will be held on the 30th June at Salt Ayre. In this competition you race in the name of your school. The age categories are done on the basis of school years and the gear restrictions are slightly different but otherwise it is just the same as any other sort of racing that you might do at Salt Ayre on a Wednesday night or CDNW.

The closing date for entries is Sunday 16th.

To enter visit : http://www.bsca.org.uk/wordpress/events/36/bsca-national-circuit-championship/
Download the entry form, print off and send with a cheque (or bring on to Cog Set on a Saturday morning). We think this is a great way to get schools interested in your sport and even if you don't think you could be the National Schools Champion - think how good that sounds! - there is a team prize for each age category so if you and a couple of school friends enter you could win the prize for best team (3 riders).
Don't delay - enter today!
Because Cog Set is affiliated to British Schools Cycling Association it is NOT necessary to pay the £2 surcharge.

2013 CDNW Youth League Dates

CDNW (Cycling Development North West) 2013 Youth League

Event Date Venue RaceClosing Date for Pre-entries
Sat 13.04.13 Southport Circuit RacingWed 10.04.13
Sat 18.05.13 Preston Circuit Racing -
Sat 15.06.13 Blackpool Circuit Racing-
Sat 13.07.13 Salt Ayre Circuit Racing-
Sat 17.08.13 Tameside Circuit Racing-
Sat 07.09.13 Manchester Mountain Biking-
Sat 05.10.13 Manchester Cyclo-Cross-
Category Distance - Race 1 Distance - Race 2
A - Boys 5km 30km
A - Girls 4km 20km
B - Boys & Girls 4km 20km
C - Boys & Girls1km 10km
D - Boys & Girls 1km 6km
E - Boys & Girls1km 6km

Pre-entry Fees :
Youth A (U16) - £9
Youth B (U14) - £9
Youth C (U12) - £8
Youth D (U10) - £6
Youth E (U8) - £6
ENTRY ON THE DAY - ADD £2! For Pre-entry visit http://www.cdnw.org/youth_league.html

Download CDNW - Round 7 Results here
Download CDNW Overall Results - 2010
Download CDNW Overall Results - 2009

Friday 4th /Sat 5th/Sun 6th May 2012 - Isle of Man Youth Tour

National Youth Series and National Junior Series

The 2012 IOM Junior and Youth Tour takes place on the May Bank holiday weekend. The Tour commences on Friday evening 4th May and concludes on Sunday May 6th 2012.

FOR DETAILS OF THE NATIONAL YOUTH SERIES SEE : http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/road/article/roa20111116-road-2012-National-Youth-Circuit-Series-0?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=vanityurl&utm_campaign=nationalyouthcircuitseries

Cyclocross Series - Sunday 16th September- 20th January 2013

For all of you that want a bit of winter training and some good fun why not take part in some cyclocross racing. This is a short winter series, which runs from September to mid January throughout the north west. With 10 events out of 14 counting to the points. For an introduction in cyclocross visit : http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/go-rideracing/article/gorideracing-An-Introduction-to-Cyclo-Cross-0
A full list of events can be found : http://nwcca.org.uk/2012/06/north-west-cyclocross-dates-for-2012-13/

National School of Racing

Click the link below to see what Cog Set Members have been up to at National School of Racing - Mallory Park

Olympic Themed Event - 14 July 2012
Youth Races 19th May 2012
Go Ride Racing 28th April 2012

New To Racing?

If you are New to Racing download an_introduction_to_racing_by_matt_winston.pdf
It is a little out of date - but still has some very useful information

If you would like to enter CDNW Series of Races , you need to do the following:

1) Become a member of British Cycling.
Visit https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/web/site/BC/bcf/bcApplicationFormTmp.asp?promo=none and claim your free ‘bronze membership’ (please make sure you enter club details as ‘Salt Ayre Cog Set – not Salt Ayre Cycling Association).

2) CDNW (Cycling Development North West)
Visit www.cdnw.org - ‘CDNW youth league’ download and complete British Cycling Entry Form and forward with your payment. (It costs less if you register for CDNW races in advance)

3) Correct Gear Restrictions
If you are new to racing, you need to check your gearing is set correctly for the race you are entering - see gear restrictions or speak to one of the coaches for guidance

In case some of you are confused here is a quick guide to the gear restrictions for youth racing. If you want to compete in circuit races you will need the following Gear Restrictions.

These restrictions should apply to all mass start races you take part in (I.E. not time trials). At most races you will be asked to have your gears checked before you sign on If you are found to be over geared you will have to rectify the problem before you are allowed to race. When going for gear checks the person checking the gears will probably appreciate it if you have your bike set in the highest gear you can (this helps make the check quicker).

N.B for the Tuesday night racing at salt ayre the rules on gear checks are relaxed slightly so if you have not yet got your gears restricted don't be put off however it is best to get on the correct gear so you are used to it for the next level of racing

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